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Running challenge

Behaci vyzva (edited 4.10.21 15:31:04)

In 2021, another lockdown arrived on the scene and suddenly we were locked in the village limits. Sitting at home all the time was not an option, so how about going out for a walk or a run? How about making it a faculty fight right into the Šípek's! That would be fine! The Strava app provided a setting for comparing strengths between faculties and we were ready for action.

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The competition will take place from the 3rd to the 13th week of the summer semester. Anyone who wants to participate must download the Strava app, join their faculty team, and turn on the Run activity during the route (whether you plan to run a half marathon or buy bagels). Data is collected week by week, so you'll know how other competitors are doing and if you need to work hard. Total faculty mileage divided by the number of all students (those who are studying at UCT, not just those who are on the team at Strava) is calculated.

Marathon Week will take place the 9th week of the summer semester. The mileage of the top five fastest runners for each faculty will be tallied, and the five who drag their feet for the entire next week will earn their faculty an extra bonus half-point!

Come combine the faculty's heart with something useful and get ready for the swimming season!:)




4 point


3 point


2 point


1 point

bonus points

0,5 point (Marathon week)

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