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Balling's homebrewers

logo_balling (šířka 215px)Our club brings together ambitious young and older academics with an interest in home brewing.

Who are we?

We bring expertise to this hobby, but that doesn't mean it's just theory. Like anyone who has a close relationship with beer, we like to evaluate our products sensorially. We discuss recipes and the processes by which this or that tasty sample was prepared. This and much more is part of our tight-knit and well-hopped club.

What's in for you?

What benefits await you as a member? We will reveal all the nooks and crannies of home brewing, and if St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of Czech beer and brewers, grants it, we won't even have a dry throat. Come and see for yourself.


Vítek Prouza
Jakub Zýka

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