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DI(v)OCH - Divadlo (v)Ochotných Chemiků

Logo DI(v)OCH

If you want to stand on boards that mean the world, if you want to learn to accept a role and absorb stage fright, if you want to get under the mask of acting or the art of improvisation, we are the ones to join!

Who are we?

DI(v)OCH (roughly stands for The Theatre of Willing Chemists) is a group of students, employees and friends of UCT who are interested in theatre. Here you can find both those interested in "classical" drama and theatre improvisation (Chempro).

We deal with drama, so far mostly classical (Crime and Punishment, The Pied Piper, How Important It Is to Have Philip). However, we are not afraid to experiment and create our own (for now) smaller plays and performances. We present our productions at such venues as Dejvice Theatre and Drama Club. We also perform at various events of our alma mater, friendly universities or theatres. Our rehearsals are held once or twice a week in the evenings in the school premises.

We have been a source of cultural enrichment, inspiration and unforgettable experience not only for the students and employees of VŠCHT Prague since 2011. The history of DI(v)OCH began in the academic year 2011/2012, when our ensemble was founded by Martin Janda, Miroslava Nováková and Lukáš Krásný, now graduates of our alma mater. However, the life of DI(v)OCH did not end with their departure and its tradition is cherished, what is more, its scope is expanded and open to other ideas that its members come up with. With productions like Crime and Punishment and Dyk's The Pied Piper under its belt, the core of the classical theatre expanded in 2016 to include an improvisational wing named Chempro, which has performed several shows since then.

What's in for you?

We're playful, creative and unstoppable. We are definitely not a closed club! So if you want to, come along and discover what it means to stand on boards that mean the world! For those of you who don't want to stand on these boards, but want to join theatre making in a different way, the same applies - so, our arms are open!

Trying to look under the mask of acting and improvisation means constantly working on yourself - how to perform in public, how to manage stage fright, improvise and concentrate. You will learn how to work with and interpret text. If you don't want to act, but rather make a theatrical living by creating costumes, sets, lighting or music, the door is of course open to you too!

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Principal: Kateřina Jochová


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Technická 5
166 28 Praha 6 – Dejvice
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